Important Shop Info

Need To Know Shop Info

I wanted to dedicate a section with general need to know information about our tumblers and the process.  That way there is clarity upon purchase.   

So here’s my deal peeps .  My turn around time is typically 3-4 weeks, but right now I am seeing a higher volume in orders so you will be notified as soon as your order is placed if volume will effect that deadline. 

Once you complete your order I get a notification and then I add your cup to my queue line.  I strive to have excellent customer service and I like people to have peace of mind when ordering things from online. Once it comes time for me to start on your cup I will send pictures for your approval to make sure you’re 100% happy with the way it’s coming along.

Why upfront payment?

  1.  Although I keep popular sizes in stock, and a few of the unpopular, I do get bulk orders.  If I see a certain size getting too low, I do restock, but some sizes have become higher demand, which means higher demands for my wholesaler yet obtainable :)
  2. It’s custom work and hard to resell if you were to change your mind. Thank you so so much for choosing me to make your cup, it truly means so much to a small business like mine 😊😊”

T shirt, Keychain, Coasters, and earrings turn around times are approximately 2 weeks.

I begin working on an order only when full payment is received.  All orders are final.  Due to the amount of time and work put into each order, last minute changes are not acceptable.  This note is mainly for custom tumblers.  On any order, if there is an error on my part, please notify me WITHIN 24 hours.  The item will need to be returned to be fixed or replaced, and a return label will be provided if needed. 

Epoxy made products such as cups, keychains and phone grips:

While epoxy is reasonably durable, if dropped, slammed or placed with force against a hard surface- your product will crack. Please handle epoxy products with care as they are fragile and will break or crack if handled roughly, dropped, or thrown.

Do not place your epoxy made products in the dishwasher, do not soak in water, keep in extreme heated conditions or place in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Please hand wash only! Use a soft sponge, as rougher scrub brushes may scratch the surface. Lastly, do not place your product in the microwave. Stainless steel nor epoxy are microwave safe.

Additional disclaimer on cups:

If you have ordered a cup in a solid color, there may be a few specs of rogue glitter on your cup. I work with a crazy amount of glitter and I try my best to keep my solid cups separate.  Please also understand that my products are handmade, and therefore may contain minor flaws.

Due to the wide variety of car cup holder sizes and shapes, I cannot guarantee that any of my cups will fit in any particular cup holder. If you find that your cup does not fit, I recommend a car cup holder expander which can be found on amazon.  My go to sizes will always be the skinny brand ;)


T-shirt care:

Turn garment inside out. Machine wash cold with a mild detergent only, tumble dry LOW or hang dry.


Shipping Delays and Product Insurance:

My turn around time approximation accounts for the time I receive payment for your order to the time I am ready to ship your order. Due to COVID-19 there have been significant delays in shipping. Please understand that I do my best to get your products shipped to you as quickly as possible, but as soon as it is in the possession of the carrier, I am not responsible for delayed delivery times. I securely package all of my products with bubble wrap, space savers and/ or filler paper. I also insure all of my packages. If your product arrives damaged, please contact me and we can arrange for a claim to be filed with the carrier, the return of your damaged product to me and production of a new one to replace it.Your payment of this invoice signifies your agreement to these terms.

Thank you so much for your business!